Note:  All the items will undergo "prana pratishtha & shodasa pooja" before delivery


Kamalathmika Yantra


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All the Yantras will undergo "Prana prathishta and Shodasa Pooja" before delivery

Delivery Timeline : 15 to 20 days

All the Malas/Japamalas will be given with Mantra siddhi

Delivery Timeline : 10 Days after booking

All the Poojas/Homam will be performed with prior appointment taken before

The Goddess of fulfilment is Kamalatmika. In both the material and spiritual worlds, Kamalatmika brings wealth. She brings harmony and wealth to those who generously share these attributes with others by achieving true fulfilment, the abundance of spirit. Worshipping her yantra regularly yields liberation from debts, suffering, stress, illness, difficulties, and dangers.

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