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Kasi Kalabhairava Lockets


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All the Yantras will undergo "Prana prathishta and Shodasa Pooja" before delivery

Delivery Timeline : 15 to 20 days

All the Malas/Japamalas will be given with Mantra siddhi

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All the Poojas/Homam will be performed with prior appointment taken before

Kasi Kalabhairava Locket is represented by the fearful incarnation of Lord Shiva Lord Bhairava. Wearing the Kalabhairava Locket means God comes himself with Devotee everywhere. It protects and dodges evil effects, adverse effects around you. And helps to keep the harmful objects away from you destroys them. It acts as a shield to protect and save the worshipper from such misfortunes and ensures his own. And Devotee’s family and generates positivity and Blesses success, wealth, and prosperity. Yantra is a great astronomical conveyor of energy with an image of Lord Bhairava and his Yantra on the other side. Made of consists of geometric patterns.

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